Katie G- The Salt Plains

Yes, another shoot with another babe named Katie. (I really dont know how this happens)

This shoot was a collaboration between myself and Tulsa photographer Sarah Eliza. We have followed each other through social media for a few years, and had mentioned collaborating on something for awhile, but never made it happen, until now.  A few texts over inspiration and direction and boom, we were set. 

Lately Ive wanted to push myself into more fashion based work, really putting some extra effort and money into wardrobe and thinking about styling. Sarah and I both came together on styling and pieces, I tackled makeup, and Caitlin Robertson out of Tulsa came with her own vision on hair. (which she killed) 

So we set the date, and  gathered in Jet, Oklahoma, at the Great Salt Plains State Park, on what we thought would be a "nice" day. Boy, were we wrong. Mud( up to my ankles), wind, and slight rain challenged us, but we powered through, and Katie was a damn solider. 

Here are some of my favorite shots. + links to the entire team.

Sarah Eliza

Ryan Magnani

Caitlin Robertson 

Katie Grogan