Midwestern Honey

an evening with Oklahoma native Katie Randle. 

When I initially asked Katie to work on a concept with me, I was mulling over several different versions of Midwestern Honey. I knew I wanted to use an animal of some sort, originally chickens, but as it turns out, there aren't very many willing to let you borrow their livestock or unusual pets, also i haven't met a friendly chicken yet, so Bun Bun the grey bunny ended up being a better choice for us. 

I knew I wanted the images to be soft, feminine, and natural. The whole week before I kept listening to Cotton Jones , and imagining this dreamy woman who had a garden, and animals, who was wholesome and made you feel like home. I pictured how she started her day, making coffee, feeding her animals, watering her plants. If I'm being honest I started day dreaming of living my life that way. (And then I texted my boyfriend and told him I wanted chickens and a garden.eventually lol ) 

anyway, here it is, my first blog post, hopefully not the last.