I must have a thing for girls named Katie, because here's another post about a wonderfully talented girl whose drop dead gorgeous! 

Katie and I met through Instagram, and had planned a few different shoots, but with scheduling, it was several months before we were able to bring it together. Luckily, a friend in Tulsa (another talented badass) Jenny, was about to move out of the dreamiest pink loft and was willing to let us shoot there before she packed it all up. So off to Tulsa we went. 

I had this vision for this shoot..but while shooting it started taking a different route, and at the time, made me nervous that I wasn't going to get what I had originally intended on creating..but the images we ended up with have become some of my favorite shots, and something a bit different that my normal. 

Hair by Rose Swift -http://www.roseswifthair.com

Model: Katie Marie - instagram.com/katiemarieartist