Katie G- The Salt Plains

Yes, another shoot with another babe named Katie. (I really dont know how this happens)

This shoot was a collaboration between myself and Tulsa photographer Sarah Eliza. We have followed each other through social media for a few years, and had mentioned collaborating on something for awhile, but never made it happen, until now.  A few texts over inspiration and direction and boom, we were set. 

Lately Ive wanted to push myself into more fashion based work, really putting some extra effort and money into wardrobe and thinking about styling. Sarah and I both came together on styling and pieces, I tackled makeup, and Caitlin Robertson out of Tulsa came with her own vision on hair. (which she killed) 

So we set the date, and  gathered in Jet, Oklahoma, at the Great Salt Plains State Park, on what we thought would be a "nice" day. Boy, were we wrong. Mud( up to my ankles), wind, and slight rain challenged us, but we powered through, and Katie was a damn solider. 

Here are some of my favorite shots. + links to the entire team.

Sarah Eliza

Ryan Magnani

Caitlin Robertson 

Katie Grogan 




Morgan Eve

A cold afternoon with Morgan Eve. I wanted this shoot to have an element of grit to it, a little roughness and push some editing techniques I don't normally do. More contrast, darker, and a little angry. 

Morgan is a unique beauty and I didnt want to overpower that with styling,makeup etc. So again , we kept it pretty simple in those areas. We met on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, in 40 degree weather, and shot for 20 minutes. Here are my favorite shots. 



Karen. Oklahoma City

Meeting Karen was nothing short of luck, and one of those times when you are truly thankful for platforms like Instagram. She worked with me on the Stone + Harper editorial, and agreed to drive 10 hours south to Texas with three women she'd never met. And I will be forever thankful that she did. Karen is a pure joy to work with. Easy going, funny, witty, and not to mention, a total babe. 

I wanted to shoot something simple. Something different than my usual. I tend to get lost in stories, and creating storylines for shoots, sometimes for no one other than myself. This time I wanted to focus less on creating a story and more on just, creating. Minimal styling, minimal makeup, and my new neighborhood as the backdrop. We kept is simple. And as it turns out, sometimes simpler really is better. 



I must have a thing for girls named Katie, because here's another post about a wonderfully talented girl whose drop dead gorgeous! 

Katie and I met through Instagram, and had planned a few different shoots, but with scheduling, it was several months before we were able to bring it together. Luckily, a friend in Tulsa (another talented badass) Jenny, was about to move out of the dreamiest pink loft and was willing to let us shoot there before she packed it all up. So off to Tulsa we went. 

I had this vision for this shoot..but while shooting it started taking a different route, and at the time, made me nervous that I wasn't going to get what I had originally intended on creating..but the images we ended up with have become some of my favorite shots, and something a bit different that my normal. 

Hair by Rose Swift -http://www.roseswifthair.com

Model: Katie Marie - instagram.com/katiemarieartist

Midwestern Honey

an evening with Oklahoma native Katie Randle. 

When I initially asked Katie to work on a concept with me, I was mulling over several different versions of Midwestern Honey. I knew I wanted to use an animal of some sort, originally chickens, but as it turns out, there aren't very many willing to let you borrow their livestock or unusual pets, also i haven't met a friendly chicken yet, so Bun Bun the grey bunny ended up being a better choice for us. 

I knew I wanted the images to be soft, feminine, and natural. The whole week before I kept listening to Cotton Jones , and imagining this dreamy woman who had a garden, and animals, who was wholesome and made you feel like home. I pictured how she started her day, making coffee, feeding her animals, watering her plants. If I'm being honest I started day dreaming of living my life that way. (And then I texted my boyfriend and told him I wanted chickens and a garden.eventually lol ) 

anyway, here it is, my first blog post, hopefully not the last.